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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

How Many Times Must I Hear It?

The other night, I was aware, for the first time in a little while, of God speaking to me. It was through a TV show... you'll see the irony of this in a second. I was lounging on my sofa Sunday evening, being completely lazy, when I stumbled across the show playing on Bio - "I Survived... Beyond and Back." It was a show that documented three near-death experiences (NDEs). Being a sucker for NDEs, I switched it on and settled back. Each of the three individuals related the accounts of their respective deaths and post-death experiences. After, each person revealed how they were convinced that they were brought back into their painful situations of recovery here on Earth because there was something more here for them to accomplish. It was at that moment that I felt the revelation = Do you not get this picture? Was your conversation with Patricia not enough? You need to get off your butt and fulfill these plans I have for you. Enough with being lazy. Start moving, for you, too, have more to accomplish.

Without trying to sound haughty, I have felt for quite some time that God has intended for me to accomplish big things. And how am I supposed to do this when I go home every evening and lounge around for hours? I must admit, I do not have the faintest idea as to exactly what God has planned, but I feel strongly that now is the time for me to act in faith and follow the daily callings I fell through prayer and meditation, my attempt to connect with the Spirit. It is time for me to sort through this jumble of ideas I've had for weeks now. To achieve this, I pray for the faith and happiness I so often see in the members of Starfire, whom I get to work with every day. Nine times out of ten, these individuals will have a smile on their faces, simply because they woke up and have the chance to experience and fully live another day.

Why can't we all live this way? Why can't we all express gratitude for the complex simplicity of life through our daily actions, acting as the earthly representations of God's love, mercy, and wisdom? Now is the time, dear friends. I urge you to pray, asking for the wisdom to realize your dreams, the joy to embrace them, the courage to act upon them, and the perseverance to see them to fruition. We all have dreams, along with the gifts to act upon them. Listen to those quiet, nagging thoughts that hang at the back of your mind from day to day, for they could be whispers from God. Pray on them always, so that you may know the correct actions to make. Take this chance, and make this your day to fly.