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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Branching Out (Inspiration of A Tree)

One day, about three weeks ago (maybe a bit longer), I was taking a reflective walk around an old haunt... the grounds of the Sisters of Charity Motherhouse.  I have wandered these grounds for five years now whenever I had to sort through some things... I find the atmosphere to be conducive to organizing the jumbled mass of entropy that overtakes my mind more frequently than I would like to admit.

At any rate, I took a minute to sit on a bench in the cemetery and stare out over the river and surrounding landscape as the sunset bathed it in warm light.  The expanse of forest on either side of the river reminded me of the complex system of millions of neurons that compose our brain.  Just as each individual tree had its own place in the forest, it was surrounded by hundreds of other trees, branches intertwined in a growing embrace as they peacefully coexisted, stretching toward the heavens.  In the same way, each individual neuron relies on the hundreds of others immediately surrounding it to continue the conveyance of a certain thought or movement.

I wandered over to my old oak tree... I have unofficially dubbed this as "my" tree, because it is where most of my mental, emotional, and spiritual sorting has taken place over the past 5 years, seated beneath this tree... It towered as regal as ever, each branch stretching out, fulfilling its mission of simply existing as it continued in its photosynthetic dance.  Scattered on the ground around the base of the tree were dozens of acorn shells.  It dawned upon me that each acorn could be seen as an idea.  It may take tens, if not hundreds, of tries for an idea to stick in exactly the right way.  Yet at some point, the stars align, and that one individual acorn is planted in just the right way to result in another oak tree, just as great as its predecessor.

So I suppose the moral of the story would be to always strive for a vision, work on fulfilling that vision, and never give up on trying until those stars align, and all comes to fruition as it should.

Just my musings for the day...

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