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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tomorrow Begins the New Chapter

Today is a bittersweet day, a day that is kicking off a very bittersweet week. Today is my last day working at SC Ministry Foundation, a co op position that I have held for a solid year now, and during my time here, I have grown mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I have a much greater sense of awareness for issues of social justice and what can be done to add to the solutions. The people I met via our Board and Committee meetings here are all 100% genuine, God-fearing, phenomenal people, and I would never have made many of these connections at all had it not been for my time at the Foundation. For the people I was able to meet, and for the opportunities I have been provided, I am eternally grateful.

Today is also my last day as an employee of 5/3 Bank. My few months working at the bank has definitely offered me some new insight into an area of the workforce that I had not previously delved into, as well as some insight into how to better handle my own personal finances. It has also been a learning experience, helping me realize that retail banking is not the career for me.

Tomorrow is my first day as an employee of Starfire Council of Greater Cincinnati, Inc. This opportunity that has been offered me is a blessing straight from God, as it always uplifts my mood and my faith to see those who have disabilities flourishing in the talents God has bestowed upon them and spreading those talents for the glory of God. This transition is a much needed improvement for both my personal and my spiritual lives. It will help me to keep strong and focused as I help my girlfriend move back to Perrysburg this weekend, only to return on Sunday without her. Thus begins the saga of this long-distance phase of our relationship, a phase that I did not foresee or even think would happen until last week.

So much change in so little time; staying focused on God and God's will for my life will help keep me sane.

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